Sunday, July 31, 2011

DIY Pantone Meal Planning Magnets

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I came across this awesome meal plan/grocery list project on Pinterest one day:

And thought it would be an awesome DIY project. Toughest Critic was sent to Staples for a clipboard, since our small town doesn’t seem to carry clipboards anywhere (maybe they’ve gone out of style). Anyway, what Toughest Critic came back with was an 11x17 whiteboard (he did come back with a clipboard, but not the one I wanted either).

Instead what I came up with was a set of magnets based on pantone chips:

The basic idea is that I have a stack of these magnets at my disposal, and every time I try a new recipe that TC approves of, I write the name on one of my chip magnets. This way, I don’t have to remember on Saturday what I meal planned on Monday, and TC can contribute to the meal planning by picking the meals for the week.

It also means that if TC does the grocery shopping, I know what’s in the fridge for dinner, preventing those nights where you have to figure out what to eat with half an onion, some cranberry juice and a brick of shortening (it has happened).

How to make them yourself:

  1. Download this pdf.
  2. Print on a magnet sheet (I used the Staples brand because it has a glossy finish versus Avery which looks like bond paper on magnets). Be sure to set your printer to print on the highest setting.
  3. Cut out.

And you’re done. Took me all of about an hour once the design work was done (colours are Behr if you’re using them to decorate, by the way. I’m too cheap to invest in a pantone license).


Download Printable PDF Here.

Happy planning!

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