Sunday, July 24, 2011

DIY Kitchen Art


So I had these 5x7 frames that I bought at IKEA sitting on my kitchen shelves for eons. Our photo printer only prints 4x6’s, so I can’t imagine what possessed me to buy 5x7 frames, but I couldn’t find the right art to put in them. So, in a moment of frustration, just to have them dealt with, I whipped up some ‘art’ using some free vector kitchen utensils just to fill the space until I decide what I want.


Now you can too. Download the pdf files here:

Download 4x6 here. Download 5x7 here.


  1. I love these ... simple, modern, graphic. I'm struggling with my kitchen and feel it needs, oh, a lot. I was thinking about art and these are so my style. And a great price ;) Thanks! I'll let you know if I end up using them. Found you through pinterest.


  2. Can't wait to put these up in my kitchen!
    Also, I found you via Pinterest as well!

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  4. i love this printables so much. so excited to use this