Thursday, July 21, 2011

Internet Find - DIY Printable Date Night

This is an adorable DIY craft from Bijoux Bride that I spied on craftgawker today (for some reason I'm really into doilies lately - maybe I'm channeling my grandmother's sense of decor?).

While I'm probably too lazy to go about making something like this, the thought's there (right, TC?). Though I suppose you could re-use the envelope if you do a regular date night thing that we do, and just change the card inside.

Here's a similar idea from pinterest (though arguably less pretty) that I've been thinking about making for a while:

Now to get on to thinking about what to actually do for date night. Of late, our regular date night has been limited to clearing out the PVR and passing out at 10 (yes, I know you're jealous). I suppose that we should get on doing something 'date-y' before the kidlet comes and we're home bound, but that would involve effort, and maybe some nicer weather.

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