Saturday, August 20, 2011

Alphabet Blocks


I wanted to do alphabet blocks for the nursery because I remember having them as a kid, and I keep seeing them pictured in those fancy nurseries I’ve been drooling over as inspiration.

Basically, all you have to do is take some 2x2x4’s that they sell for stair balusters and cut them into blocks. Sand and paint 2 sides of each.

Download the pdf HERE. Print, cut out and modgepodge the letter squares to the blocks, using scrapbook paper to cover the remaining sides. For the letters, I just typed them out using random fonts in MSWord and then cut them out. Cover blocks with another 3 coats of modgepodge, and you’re done!


Download Printable PDF Here.

In the coming months, if there’s interest, I may upload a set in a more neutral palette, since I know my orange and slate grey nursery isn’t exactly what everyone’s going for these days. It looks great though, I promise:



  1. I love your templates. I wa worried to do my son's blocks like this, but I discovered mod podge to be non-toxic! Is there anyway to make some with green as a background?

  2. Look so Great! And my nursery is gray and orange too! Thank you so much! One question, are Q, T, and Z supposed to only have 2 pics instead of 3? I as wondering if you knew that, or if it's a tech glitch.

  3. Awesome craft project. Thanks for your wonderful creativity!!

  4. Thank you very much for sharing your work so beautiful!

  5. These are really cute - but I downloaded them and the last letter z says vegetables on it. Also do you only have two images for Q and T?

  6. There's definitely interest in some different colors!

  7. Did you use regular printer paper or do you recommend using a heavier paper?

  8. Thanks for your comments! Sorry it's take so long to reply.

    Yes, regular printer paper is fine. It's what I used. I did use a laser printer so the ink wouldn't run when I sprayed them.

    I coated mine with modgepodge afterward, but a clear coat of spray polyurethane would work too. Use your printer's scale function or your printer options to make them bigger or smaller if you're using a different size of blocks.

    The Z has vegetables on it because I ran out of illustratable zed words, which is also why some letters also have less. I just filled in the other sides with pretty paper. :)

  9. Is modge podge safe for babies to put in their mouths?