Saturday, July 3, 2010

This is NOT my first post.

So, welcome.   This is the blog I've been procrastinating, the new leaf, if you will.  My new 'raison d'être' if we're flashing around cheesy catchphrases.

The point being that I've been on this 'healthy grown up lifestyle' kick for going on 6 months now, and while it looked great in the brochure, I'm slowly falling back into that lifestyle of grilled cheese and eggs every other night of the week.  I need something to motivate me, something to keep me inspired, and mostly, somewhere to contain my sarcasm so it doesn't eek into other areas of my life.

Solution: The Questionable Domestique.

A tilt of the hat to my not-so-french roots, sure, but it was unanimously voted on by Toughest Critic (TC) who giggled at the double entendre of cycling reference and my lack of any domestic skill whatsoever.  Though for the record, I'd probably make a better Popovich than housemaid.

Toughest Critic is my husband:  vegetarian picky eater, co-decorator and helper extraordinaire. 

I hope (because we're going for poignancy with this intro) that I'll keep you enticed with good vegetarian food, fun crafting, interesting links, and other juicy tidbits...even if 'you' is just 'mom' and are here 'only because I was reminded'.  :)

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