Sunday, February 5, 2012

Month Old Signs


We’ve been taking monthly pictures of our kidlet to track her growth since everything changes so fast in these first months (that and we’re proud parents, so we really don’t need an excuse to crack out the camera and taunt the kid with stuffed animals). 

In today’s edition of ‘now you can too’, I’ve uploaded the monthly circles in 4 separate colours so you too can annoy your friends with monthly pictures…I mean, track your child’s growth.  I used a lollypop stick, but a popsicle stick, old chopstick or any other child-safe pokey bit will do.  I glued (good ole’ Elmer’s) it to a piece of cardstock that I cut to the same size as the rounds, like so:


Each month I peel off the previous month’s, and attach the new month with a glue stick, and voila!


Download Blue Circles

Download Pink Circles

Download Mod Orange

Download Mod Purple

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