Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Christmas Cards 2011

I wanted to do something simple and easy this year because I was running short on time.  Normally I start making christmas cards in January (not because I’m a keener, but because we’ve been selling them to raise funds for TC’s Ride to Conquer Cancer).

These cards look labour intensive, but they’re really not.


All you have to do is rip canvas to your desired size (I had a stack of 4.5x6 cardstock that I had kicking around, so that was the size I went with).  Stamp canvas with a holiday stamp of your choosing.  Layer on top of cardstock, run it through the sewing machine, and voila!  The hard part for me was running the darn thing through a sewing machine.  It turns out that not sewing since grade 8 home-ec makes me a terrible seamstress.  The card looks great from here.  Just don’t flip it over.

We included a family letter in ours (yes, we’re THOSE people), and a picture of the kid that I took in front of the tree once we had it up (I needed an excuse to buy a pair of ruffled diaper covers)


Here’s my invitation writing station all set up:


And, if you’d like to make these your cards next year, I’ve put up a pdf of the wrap around labels:

Download PDF

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